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What is Equipment Protection Plan (EPP)?

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What is one of your concerns when buying a new construction machinery?

One of the top concerns that came up during our conversations with customers is the lack of warranty support once the standard warranty expires after 1 year of purchase. 

To tackle that, Caterpillar has come up with a set of extended warranty coverage plan called the Equipment Protection Plan or EPP for construction machineries. This EPP is valid all Cat machines purchased from the respective local dealer and operating within the dealer's territory. (example: If you are buying the machine from Tractors Singapore and you want to export to other countries, we will not be able to give you the right coverage.) The EPP is also valid for certain types of Used Equipment, with a slightly extended set of terms & conditions.

But what is EPP and how does it work?

3 quick points to help you understand better.


EPP covers beyond the standard warranty period

All new Caterpillar construction machines comes with a standard 1 year warranty period, starting from the delivery date. During these 12 months, rest assure that Tractors Singapore will be here for you when you need us.

But what happens when your machine reaches 2 years old and beyond? 

Well, when you sign a EPP for your machine, we will continue to provide you with the protection you need for the next 1-4 years, depending on the duration of the plan you signed for. 

Extended EPPs covers in the following duration:

  1. 2 years (1+1) or 4000 hours, which ever comes first
  2. 3 years (1+2) or 6000 hours, which ever comes first
  3. 4 years (1+3) or 8000 hours, which ever comes first
  4. 5 years (1+2) or 10000 hours, which ever comes first

Now you can continue to enjoy worry free operations!


Genuine Cat Parts

When your machine is protected under EPP, you can rest assure that your machines will be serviced with genuinue Cat Parts. This ensures that your machine can use longer hours, and give you better performance at your job site. 

The replacements will also be done by our Cat certified technicians, who are well-versed with these construction machines.


Well-covered Protection

So your last question might be, what does it really protect? 

EPP is designed to cover major components on the construction machine that have higher chance to encounter bugs or defects. Like purchasing insurance for yourself, there various tiers designed to suit your machine type and preferred coverage. 

For EPP, there are 4 tiers -

  1. Powertrain
  2. Powertrain + Hydraulics
  3. Powertrain + Hydraulics + Technology
  4. Premier



Powertrain protects the workhorse of your machine - the engine. You do not have to worry about components like the engine, transmissions and drive train. 

Cat Equipment Protection Plan EPP Excavator 


Powertrain + Hydraulics 

This tier protects the powertrain components as mentioned and also the hydraulics systems in your machine. At Tractors Singapore, we consider this coverage as the bare minimum coverage. Afterall, your machine can't perform if it is facing hydraulic issues either. All GC series and D2 series machines sold at TSL are protected under this scope - Powertrain + Hydraulics. 

Cat Equipment Protection Plan EPP Wheel Loader


Powertrain + Hydraulics + Technology

This tier provides added protection for your productivity technologies present in standard models (e.g. 320, 336 etc). It protects the monitor, sensors, some of the telematics receivers etc. that are essential for your productivity tools. At Tractors Singapore, all standard models (320, 336 etc) will come with this tier as the minimum protection. 

Cat Equipment Protection Plan EPP ADT



This is the highest protection tier under the Cat EPP. The protection covers all those mentioned above and additional components like the speed limiters, more electronics for productivity tools and the operator's cabin. 

Cat Equipment Protection Plan EPP 03



 Click to download to understand more about the full coverage

EPP Comparison Chart 01


Still have more questions? No worries, just speak to your sale representative at Tractors Singapore or drop us note. Do note that this only applies to new Construction Machineries bought in Singapore to be used in Singapore. Does not apply to engines purchases of any application.