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5 Reasons to choose 966GC Wheel Loader

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The Cat® 966 GC Wheel Loader is easy to own and operate. It offers low fuel consumption with an on-demand fan, load-sensing hydraulics, intuitive controls and performance series buckets. It uses a Cat C9.3B engine and has a net power of 196kW, with a fuel consumption approximately 19L/hr, depending on the machine’s operation. With a bucket size of 3.8-7.1m³, you can utilize the Wheel Loader to its fullest.

Here are 5 Reasons why you should have a Cat® 966 GC Wheel Loader at your job site.

#1: Best performance at lowest cost

The easy-to-load Performance Series Buckets on the 966GC wheel loader improves better material retention with bucket fill factors ranging from 100% to 110%. The 966GC Wheel Loader also has operating payloads up to 6000kg (varies according to material & material density). The overall dig time reduces, giving you the highest output within the same number of hours at site.

  966GC Wheel Loader


#2: Proven Reliability & Greater Productivity

The 966GC Wheel Loader is powered by the Cat C9.3B engine, offering high power and performance. The proven Z-bar linkage with Performance Series Bucket offers excellent penetration into the pile and high breakout forces.

  966GC Wheel Loader Z Bar


#3: Easy to operate & maintain

The 966GC Wheel Loader has an easy to view dashboard, allowing the operators to check on all meters easily. The Wheel Loader is designed to operate both lift and title operations with 1 lever, allowing easy control of the bucket. To allow easy daily servicing for the operator, service points and sight gauges are visible from ground level. This improves the overall safety of the operator at job site.

  966GC Wheel Loader Dashboard

966GC Wheel Loader Lift tilt


#4: Low fuel consumption

The 966GC Wheel Loader is equipped with an Engine Idle Management System (EIMS). This helps to reduce the wheel loader’s fuel consumption when it is idling. Another feature that helps to lower the fuel consumption is the variable speed fan. The fan is automatically adjusted according to the cooling requirements of the Wheel Loader. You can also top up for a Reverse Fan on your wheel loader. The reverse fan is designed to ensure that the cooling radiator maintains at optimal condition.

BONUS #1: The 966GC wheel loader is eligible for the Cat® Fuel Guarantee Programme. For Singapore, Cat guarantees that the 996GC wheel loader’s fuel consumption should not exceed 19L/Hr. If your wheel loader consumes more 19L/Hr of fuel, you can earn fuel cashback. (Terms & Conditions apply)


#5: Safety features

The 966GC Wheel Loader is equipped with an Industry leading 4 post ROPS cab. This helps to ensure cabin’s structure integrity in the event of an accident. The 966GC Wheel Loader comes factory fitted with the rear view camera. This allows the operator to check their rear environment easily. The 996GC wheel loader is also designed with ergonomic ladders, providing safe and easy access in and out of the wheel loader.

966GC Wheel Loader Rear View 


The Cat® 966GC Wheel Loader well designed to handle on the jobs on your work site from material handling and truck loading to general construction.

BONUS #2: Here’s a customer that has really enjoyed using the Cat 966GC Wheel Loader. They have a 100% Cat Wheel Loader Fleet, see why they love this wheel loader.

You can download brochure for 966GC Wheel Loader here