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3 Types of Used Equipment to Choose

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Purchasing a used equipment for your construction work can be mind boggling. New equipment is straightforward – this model, this function, and BAM, you have made the purchase.

When it comes to used equipment, there are many more factors for considerations. How old is the machine, how long has it worked for the previous owner, are the major parts still functional? Sounds like choosing a second car? It’s the same.

At Tractors Singapore, we have 3 categories of used equipment – Cat Certified Used Equipment (CCUE), Dealer Certified Used Equipment (DCUE) and Economy Model (EM).

So what are the differences among the three?


Cat Certified Used Equipment (CCUE)

CCUE is undoubtly the best option - it can be as good as new. Your machine will be no older than 7 years old AND less than 7,000 operation hours clocked; young and still full of life. Considering that Cat construction machineries have about 20 years of life span, you are inheriting machine that is underutilitised and more than willing to work all day long. If you are lucky, you might be able to get the latest model with the latest technologies.  It also comes with good financing options from Cat Finance.


Dealer Certified Used Equipment (DCUE)

If you do not require your used equipment to operate all day long and probably have less budget to purchase one, you can consider DCUE. DCUE machines are slightly older and have slightly longer working hours compared to CCUE. Apart from that, the service repairs and body repair works will be done to the same quality as a CCUE. Just note that the warranty will be provided by Tractors Singapore Limited (Or your respective dealers) and potentially less financing options available.


Economy Machines (EM)

Economy machines are machines that have exceed more than 10 years old AND more than 10,000 operational hours clocked. You may not get the latest machine but it is definitely still able to work 1 to 2 hours of light duty works. It may be more than enough for your job site. 


Still undecided on what is the best option for you? Just drop us a message here and we will get back to you very soon! You can check out our guide and video below for a better understanding of the differences. 


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