• Cat_Genset_C11 C2.2 | Tractors Singapore
  • Cat_Genset_C11 C2.2 | Tractors Singapore
9.5kVa - 1000 kVa


Max Prime Rating (kVa) : 20
Max Standby Rating (kVa) : 22
Speed (rpm) : 1500

Producing reliable power up to 22kVa at 50 Hz, our Cat C2.2 diesel generator sets designed to ISO 8528-5 transient response requirements. All C1.1 generator sets are R96/EUIIIa equivalent emissions compliant.

Cat C2.2 Diesel Genset Brochure (16.5kva)Download
Cat C2.2 Diesel Genset Brochure (20kVa)Download

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