For propeller, thruster and control systems requirements, look to Tractors Singapore Limited (TSL) - the authorised Cat Propulsion dealer for Singapore, Maldives and Christmas Island (Indian Ocean). 

Cat Propulsion equipment are designed to provide:

Maximum uptime | Maximum flexibility | Simplified installation and serviceability

for Low Total Cost of Ownership 


 Range of Cat Propulsion equipment includes: 

Azimuth Thrusters


Steerable and available for your L- or Z-drive configuration, with the optional feathered blade to maximize productivity. 

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 Transverse Thrusters


Depending on shaft speed, Cat transverse thrusters are available in both controllable and fixed-pitch models. 

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 MPP Hub


Rugged and reliable and developed for heavy-duty applications, Cat Controllable Pitch MPP Hub features the first hub system in the shipping industry that constantly monitors its own moisture, protecting your system and the sea by detecting leaks and external damage.

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 Control Systems


Fully integrated with your propeller, thruster, and supplementary systems including clutches, PTH systems, shaft brakes, joysticks, DP systems, VDR, and conning systems, Cat control panels give you precise positioning and power on demand. The serial field bus reduces wiring, and is duplicated to safeguard against power failure.

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Twin Fin Propulsion System


Designed primarily for diesel-electric new builds and retrofits for vessels working in tough conditions.

Twin Fin Advantages

  • Increased thrust and efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance and easy access for service
  • No need to dry dock in case of repairs
  • Increased reliability and flexibility
  • Reduced fuel consumption and green concept
  • Increased cargo space and deadweight
  • Easy to retrofit with very short yard stay

Tug Packages are also available

Optimised combinations of Caterpillar Marine equipment comprising engines, gensets and propellers for:  Harbour and terminal tugs | ASD / ATD / Rotortug designs

For more information or details, please contact:-

Ho Kah Huat, General Manager (Power Systems)
DID (65) 6663 8871
Poh Hua Gay, Asst. Sales Manager (Marine)
DID (65) 6267 0464

Fax (65) 6261 6072