Our commitment to a safe and healthy environment

ESH Policy

Tractors Singapore Limited (TSL) is committed to providing a safe and conducive work environment where employees are continuously equipped with knowledge and skills to perform their duties in a manner which does not pose a danger to themselves and to others.

Safety and accident prevention should not only be the responsibility of management, but of all staff at every level. We work together to prevent work-related accidents and promote healthy lifestyle.

Safety Management System

TSL is an ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified organization and all our systems are built in accordance to guidelines for Environmental Safety and Health (ESH). The system will motivate and ensure our employees inculcate safety as well as protect the environment as part of their work culture.

In addition, we shall achieve our ESH Policy with these objectives:

  1. Promote safety awareness amongst employees
  2. Provide safety related training
  3. Continuously improve our safety practices and processes
  4. Raise awareness on importance of protecting our environment

Headed by our Managing Director, our ESH Committee will continue to explore new and better ways to promote and enhance work safety as well as our environment.