In its relentless quest for excellence and in support of Caterpillar’s Extended Enterprise which encourages dealers worldwide to adopt and benefit from the 6 Sigma methodology, Tractors Singapore Limited (TSL) has inculcated this approach into its way of life since 2002.

TSL now has a capable team of Caterpillar® trained Black Belts who has led projects, which enhances the Company’s results and improve work processes. 6 Sigma uses facts and data to develop better work methods for a variety of processes company-wide. It transforms the way we at TSL work and gives wider perspective to the meaning of “change for the better” – for our valued customers, stakeholders and employees.

Caterpillar organises the “Asia Pacific Division President’s Award” annually, inviting dealers in the Asia Pacific region. TSL participated in 2003 and 2005 with its projects “Reducing Service Invoicing Time” and “Cat 320/330 Growth” respectively. Both projects won the Bronze awards.

TSL views 6 Sigma as a vital augmentation in its infinite journey towards business excellence. At TSL, 6 Sigma works.

Our Pledge of Commitment

In bringing our company towards a higher level of business excellence for the benefit of our valued customers, principals, stakeholders and colleagues, we, the management of Tractors Singapore Limited, hereby pledge our total commitment and support to the successful deployment of 6 Sigma.